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Lead researcher name
Lead researcher email
Lead researcher phone
Project Short title
Project overview (MAX 500 words) Project overview - MAX 500 words
Budget Total $
....... Year 1 $
....... Year 2 $
.......Year 3 $
....... Year 4 $
....... Year 5 $
Admin / accounting contact name
Admin / accounting contact email
Admin / accounting contact phone
Admin / accounting contact mailing address

Project Proposal
Attach a brief description of the applicant’s proposed program of research, emphasizing the innovative,emerging nature of the project, its timeliness, its potential risks, and its potential importance for pulmonary science and medicine if successful.
A detailed review of the literature and detailed research methods are not required.
All standard document formats accepted, PDF preferred.
Maximum of 5 pages, including references; minimum font size 11 pts; no attachments or appendices

Research Training Summary
Summarize below the research training of the applicant, including the applicant’s most important accomplishments, and the relevance of this training to the proposed research.
Maximum of 500 words


Provide a tentative budget that outlines in broad terms the use of the funds (up to $200,000 per year for five years; maximum total of $1 million), including for each year:
- applicant’s salary and benefits;
- laboratory equipment and supplies;
- salaries for technicians, students and fellows;
- and other expenses

Other Documents

Attach the following documents (all requried)

  1. Applicant's current CV, without published abstracts, meeting presentations, and invited lectures.

  2. A letter from the applicant’s department head, or dean, describing how the applicant’s proposed research aligns with the overall research priorities and strengths of the department and with the research focus of other members of the department with whom the applicant will be working. The new emerging science of the applicant's research should be described..

    The letter should also confirm the department head’s, or dean’s, approval of the proposed budget

  3. Two letters of reference from the applicant’s former research supervisors or research colleagues
Current CV
Dept Head / Dean Letter
Reference Letter #1
Reference Letter #2
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