NSA Grants 2022

Funding Programs

The Association makes grants under two programs:

The innovative Research Program is intended to provide well-established investigators with start-up (venture) funding for innovative, emerging, and important new areas of research in the broad field of pulmonary science and medicine. Established fields of research that are supported by traditional funding agencies are not eligible for consideration.

The NSA Scholars Program funds highly promising new researchers  who, at the time of application, are within the first three years of their first faculty appointment as independent investigators, and who have demonstrated considerable potential for success during their research training. They would be involved in research of the type described above. It is anticipated that Scholars may be working with colleagues who share complementary research interests, but the Scholar will be expected to add a distinctly new direction or innovative dimension to the group in an emerging area of importance.

Granting Criteria

Grants normally provide funding of up to $1 million over five years. It is expected that during the course of an NSA award research grants will be captured from traditional funding agencies, and that the project becomes self-sustaining by the end of the NSA funding period.

NSA Scholarships may be used for salary of the NSA Scholar, research equipment, and research operating expenses. The award may be held concurrently with other salary support awards, but the amount of the NSA award applied to the Scholar’s salary (maximum of $100,000 per year) should be such that the total salary is limited to the appropriate range established by the institution in which the Scholar holds an appointment.

Funding will not be renewed beyond the initial award.

Application Process & Timeline

Applications for NSA grants should include a research proposal of up to five pages and a proposed budget for each year of the grant.

The research proposal should outline the rationale for the project, and should describe its innovative features, importance and timeliness. A detailed review of the literature and detailed research methods and techniques are not required.

An abbreviated curriculum vitae of each of the investigators is required, including current research funding and a listing of full research publications, but not abstracts or speaking engagements.

Applications will normally be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer (contact information below) in the Fall, and the Board usually considers the applications at its annual meeting the following spring, after internal and external peer reviews.  Funding for successful applicants begins in the summer.

For complete details for   NSA 2022 Scholars Program - go here
                                    and   The 2022  Application Form - go here    Deadline 11:59 PM, EDT Oct 17th, 2022                             
                                or for   NSA Innovative Research Program - go here (not offered in 2022)


Contact Information

Applications should be sent to NSA electronically, using the form on our web site.

Other enquiries can made to the Secretary-Treasurer:

Email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone 416-624-2435

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