List of Recent Grants




2021     Adaptive Platform Trial Pipeline for Lung- and Diaphragm-Protective Ventilation
              Dr Ewan Goligher, UHN

              Development of clinical trial on-a-plate for the preparation of future pandemics
              Dr Boyang Zhang , McMaster University

2020     Harnessing mucosal Trained Innate Immunity (TII) for broad protection against respiratory infections

Dr Zhou Xing, McMaster University


2019     Uncovering Novel Host targets for Tuberculosis Therapy
              Dr Jim Sung, Ph.D, University of Ottawa

2018     Transbronchial Nanotechnology‐mediated PDT of Peripheral Lung Cancer

Dr Kazuhiro Yasufuku, MD, PhD, FRCSC, University of Toronto


2018      Cell Therapy for Pulmonary Diseases

Dr Martin Post PhD, University of Toronto


2017      Enhancement of the BCG TB vaccine through restoration of a reprogrammed ESX‐1 secretion system

Dr Jeffrey Chen, PhD, University of Sasketchewan


2015      Impact of smoking on the pulmonary lipid metabolism: new paradigm and therapies

Dr Matthieu Morissette, PhD, Université Laval


2014      The Brain and Breathing

Dr Richard Horner PhD, University of Toronto


2012      Single Cell Network Profiling Program for Therapeutic Development in Respiratory Diseases

Dr Stephen Lam, MD, FRPCPC, University of British Columbia.


2011      Bio‐airway Research Offering new Concepts in Health (BRONCH) Partnership

Dr Delbert Dorscheid, MD, PhD, University of British Columbia


2010      Plasma Transcriptomes Have Different Molecular Signatures that can be used to differentiate pneumonia from congestive heart failure

Dr John Boyd, MD, University of British Columbia


2009      Clinical Research Study of Asthma Phenotypes

Dr Harissios Viagloftis, University of Alberta

2008      Pulmonary Bacterial Community Gene Expression in Antibiotic Response and Resistance

Dr David Hwang, University Health Network, U of Toronto

                   * In 2010 the Association refined its grant program to offer awards under either the Innovative Research Program (IRP), or the Scholars Program (SP).

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